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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Opinion: Life in the Philippines Appears "Short, Nasty, and Brutish" By Manuel L. Caballero

Lapid Fire ni Percy Lapid YouTube Channel Screenshot




Since ex-president Rodrigo Duterte introduced extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, life to many in that country has literally become "short, nasty and brutish."

The killing of popular radio and social media commentator Percy Lapid of Lapid Fire last night is a classic example of the type of life just described. Lapid was a fierce critic of Duterte who was favoring ICC, like many, to proceed with its investigation of the former president.

Political philosopher Thomas Hobbes advanced the theory that by nature, man is evil. Apparently, Mr. Duterte was a believer of the Hobbesian philosophy. (Of course, there was John Locke who believed that man by nature is good).

Progressive groups in Manila believe that some 30,000 suspected drug users and critics were allegedly killed by orders of Duterte during his presidency.

Thus, the International Criminal Court may pursue crimes against humanity case against Duterte that may land him and his former EJK associates in jail in The Hague if tried and found guilty for up to 30 years.

Let it not be ignored that the Lapid killing happened under the watch of Bongbong Marcos. It is hoped such motorcycle tandem killing of Lapid will be the last on Marcos' watch.


Another big and unbelievable story in Manila nowadays are the 433 different Lotto winners of the P283 million grand prize on Oct. 1st. Yes, all are supposed to have betted on the combination of winning numbers. Those supposed 433 winners will divide the grand prize despite the fact that chances of winning for each person was one in 28.9 million. 

The PCSO Manager was seen on TV justifying the so-called multiple winners as a natural happening in the face of massive doubts aired by netizens as to the honesty and credibility of the draw. 

The PH Senate will conduct a hearing to see if the draw was proper and not rigged. In the US, it is seldom that more than 5 bettors win the MegaMillion Lotto in one drawing.

We commented that it seems this  Oct. 1 Lotto drawing was similar to the May 2022 election tabulation. 


In a recent talk in Manila, former VP Leni Robredo announced that she will leave for Harvard University this week in order to perform her task as one of the Hauser leaders at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for Fall Semester. We wish Atty. Robredo the best.


We extend our deepest sympathies to the bereaved family of my good friend, Ampy Borjal Punzalan of Quezon City who passed last Saturday due to illness. Deep condolence especially to the deceased's only child, Karla, her husband and two young children.  

Eternal rest.


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