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Friday, May 31, 2019

HAMILTON and The Rockefeller Foundation welcome 1,300 Students to Exclusive Matinee of HAMILTON on Broadway

Photos by Lambert Parong

Student representatives from New York metro area high schools perform songs, rap, poetry, scenes and monologues, created as part of HAMILTON curriculum.

The innovative educational program launched in 2016 at HAMILTON on Broadway continued in New York this past Wednesday, May 22 when 1,300  students and teachers from Title I-eligible public schools attended the matinee performance of the musical at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.  Attendance at the show is the culmination of an integrated school curriculum about Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Era, developed in partnership with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History to inspire creative ways of studying and learning history.    

Hamilton’s Gabby Sorrentino, Johanna Moise, Marc delaCruz, Terrance Spencer, Deon'te Goodman, Thayne Jasperson and Lauren Boyd.
In addition to seeing a performance of HAMILTON, students participated in a Q&A with members of the cast and had the opportunity to experience the musical after-studying this period of American history in their classrooms through a special integrated curriculum. Students representing participating schools performed on the Richard Rodgers Theatre stage in front of their peers and presented original work – including songs, rap, poetry, scenes and monologues – they created based on their classroom studies.

Much like the Broadway performance, the HAMILTON Education Program (HEP) – one of several history education programs at the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History – embraces creative genius, transcending a lecture-driven classroom to emphasize the talents and passions of individual students. The curriculum fosters a personal learning experience, encouraging students to embrace and recreate the lessons of the Founding Era in their own unique way.

A portion of the grant provided by The Rockefeller Foundation went to the Gilder Lehrman Institute to develop the “Hamilton EducationProgram,” an in-class curriculum designed around the musical. The program includes a “Hamilton Student Performance and Study Guide” and an online “HAMILTON” portal for students and teachers that offers students a creative platform for developing and producing their own original performances of poetry, rap, songs, scenes and other art expressions, to be performed at the theater prior to watching a performance of HAMILTON.

The Rockefeller Foundation provided an initial grant of $1.46 million that funded the educational partnership in New York City.  After the resounding success of the partnership in New York, the foundation committed an additional $6 million to the effort to support the national expansion of the program. The Rockefeller Foundation has a long history of supporting the arts and humanities, fueled by a belief that the cultivation of aesthetic sensibilities through literature, music and other fine arts is essential to the well-being of humanity. The HAMILTON Education Program underscores the foundation’s commitment to nurturing the vitality of American cultural institutions and the role of the arts as a catalyst for social change.   

HAMILTON is the story of America’s Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies who became George Washington’s right-hand man during the Revolutionary War and was the new nation’s first Treasury Secretary. Featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R&B, and Broadway, HAMILTON is the story of America then, as told by America now.  

With book, music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, direction by Thomas Kail, choreography by Andy Blankenbuehler and musical supervision and orchestrations by Alex Lacamoire, HAMILTON is based on Ron Chernow’s biography of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. 

The HAMILTON producers are making tickets for this educational partnership available for $60, which is covered by funders.  Tickets for this educational partnership are available at $10 per ticket,                                        

To follow the discussion about the HAMILTON Education Program on social media, use #EduHam.

Founded in 1994 by Richard Gilder and Lewis E. Lehrman, visionaries and lifelong supporters of American history education, the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to K–12 education while also serving the general public. Drawing on the 70,000 documents in the Gilder Lehrman Collection and an extensive network of eminent historians, the Institute provides teachers, students, and the general public with direct access to unique primary source materials.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History is supported through the generosity of individuals, corporations, and foundations. The Institute’s programs have been recognized by awards from the White House, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Organization of American Historians, and the Council of Independent Colleges.

For information on the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, visit,, and

All photos by Lambert Parong © Kababayan Media 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019


New York – Filipino-American award-winning filmmakers come together once more with Filipino-American actors that have graced the Broadway stage for a benefit show to raise finishing funds to complete the movie musical entitled Nanay Ko, which means “My Mother” in English. 

The independently-financed, feature directorial debut of Filipino-American Mallorie Ortega explores the familiar situation many first-generation Americans face: how does their dream align with the dreams of their immigrant parents? Flipping the script on the traditional musical, Nanay Ko fuses flashes of pop with Broadway-style lyrics to tell the story of a young woman at a crossroads
between her family and her dream.

Lending their voices to the Benefit include the Prince Charming of ABC’s Cinderella and the King of Siam of Broadway’s The King and I, Paolo Montalban; Malcolm in the Middle and Broadway’s Miss Saigon star Emy Coligado; Broadway Barkada co-founder and Corazon Aquino of Imelda, A New
Musical, Liz Casasola; and special guest, Peggy Schuyler and Maria Reynolds of the Olivier Award-winning West End production of Hamilton: An American Musical, Christine Allado.

Boasting a predominantly Asian-American cast, the filmmakers call for the support of the Asian-American, Filipino, Filipino-American, theater and film communities in the continued effort to tell the still untold stories of one of America’s flourishing immigrant populations. Following the box office success of Crazy Rich Asians, audiences are hungry for more Asian-American stories. The Nanay Ko Benefit will take place on Monday, June 10 at the Bowery Poets Club, 208 Bowery NY, NY at 8:30PM.

About the filmmaker
Mallorie Ortega graduated from the University of Southern California with an MFA in Film and Television Production. Awarded with the Television Academy Foundation Directing Internship, she shadowed Emmy-winning directors from TV shows such as NCIS, Grey’s Anatomy and Hairspray Live. Mallorie directed the rom-com short film Mango Sticky Rice and was awarded Best Ensemble, Best Comedy and Best Director at the Asians on Film Festival in LA. In 2018, she was a Finalist for the ABC Directing program.


Queens District Attorney Candidate Mina Malik
Malik will not prosecute sex workers; instead her efforts will be exclusively focused on prosecuting the buyers and promoters who facilitate the trafficking of the most vulnerable in our community

Queens, NY – Mina Malik recently announced that as the Queens District Attorney, she will not prosecute sex workers. Instead, with the full force of the Office, Malik will pursue the prosecution of promoters and buyers, also known as pimps and johns, who are trafficking the most vulnerable among us, specifically targeting cases deemed to be coercive and predatory as a part of her Survivor’s Justice Policy.

As a former Queens Assistant District Attorney and Special Victims prosecutor for nearly a decade, Malik successfully prosecuted human traffickers, serial rapists, child molesters and violent, repeat offenders.

“It is important to understand that not all sex work is voluntary,” said Malik.
“Further, prosecuting sex workers has discriminatorily and disproportionately targeted communities of color, the LGBTQ community and economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. As a reform-minded District Attorney, I will prosecute buyers and promoters – not sex workers – for the oftentimes forced participation in an exploitative industry." 

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, New York has the 5th highest number of trafficked individuals in the entire country. The majority of these victims are immigrants. Given that Queens is the most diverse county in our nation, if not the world, with residents from over 190 countries, Queens is a uniquely vulnerable target for trafficking.

As part of her Survivor’s Justice Policy, Malik will: 
  • Avoid Retraumatizing Survivors
    • Expediting court proceedings where survivors encounter offenders;
    • Not prosecuting those who are the true survivors. 
  • Facilitate Their Future Success 
    • Partner with community organizations to develop individualized healing plans for survivors of sex crimes;
    • Seek diversion and trauma-informed care for individuals who are suffering from the mental, psychological and physical abuse because of forced sex work.
Malik’s work on this important issue spans multiple decades. As an Assistant District Attorney, Malik was the first in the state to indict under the 2007 Sex Trafficking statute. Her success paved the way for countless victims to find safety and security and begin the process of healing.

As District Attorney, Malik will:
  • Increase and improve the number of co-located services for survivors within the District Attorney's Office, including multi-lingual social workers, sexual assault counselors and attorneys;
  • Implement a hiring policy that requires a commitment to addressing victims, survivors, witnesses and defenders by their preferred pronoun and implementing a no tolerance policy for violating this policy;
  • Enforce employee commitment to rehabilitation of those who interact with the criminal justice system, ie: eliminating the negative connotation of “victim” and encouraging people to identify as survivors;
  • Welcome sex workers, advocates, and experts to the table when discussing nuances between voluntary and involuntary sex work on a case-by-case basis.

Said Malik: “While working as a special victims prosecutor, I worked with countless people who were survivors of sexual abuse and assault. I am adamantly committed to ensuring that the Queens District Attorney’s Office protects survivors, plays an active role in their healing, and prioritizes not retraumatizing them.”

Monday, May 20, 2019

Mayor de Blasio Puts Trump Org on Notice: Cut Greenhouse Emissions or Face Big Penalties

Mayor De Blasio. (City Hall Press Office Photo)
NEW YORK—Mayor de Blasio recently put President Trump on notice for the millions of dollars his properties will owe under new climate change legislation that requires large buildings in New York City to dramatically cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The law, a world-first, took effect on May 17th, 2019 and is a central component of New York City’s Green New Deal. Our Green New Deal will create new jobs and build a fairer and healthier city for all New Yorkers, making the city carbon-neutral by 2050.

Across New York City, Trump owns at least 8 large buildings that do not meet 2030 emissions levels under the law. These dirty, inefficient buildings pump approximately 27,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases into our air each year, the equivalent of 5,800 cars. If Trump does not clean up these buildings, he will owe approximately $2.1 million in fines every year starting in 2030.

"Our message is loud and clear,” said Mayor de Blasio. “We’re tackling climate change head-on with NYC’s Green New Deal and are the first city in the world to require all big buildings to cut their emissions, with the goal of a carbon neutral city by 2050. President Trump – you’re on notice. Your polluting buildings are part of the problem. Cut your emissions or pay the price.”

The following Trump properties do not comply with new emission standards in New York City:
  • Trump International Hotel & Tower, 1 Central Park West
  • Estimated 2030 fine: $850,871 per year if no improvements made
  • Trump Building, 40 Wall Street
  • Estimated 2030 fine: $164,565 per year if no improvements made
  • Trump World Tower, 845 United Nations Plaza No. 37-B
  • Estimated 2030 fine: $212,121 per year if no improvements made
  • Trump Tower, 721 Fifth Avenue
  • Estimated 2030 fine: $469,848 per year if no improvements made
  • Trump Park Avenue, 502 Park Avenue
  • Estimated 2030 fine: $126,316 per year if no improvements made
  • Trump Parc, 106 Central Park South
  • Estimated 2030 fine: $40,360 per year if no improvements made
  • Trump Parc East, 100 Central Park South
  • Estimated 2030 fine: $26,629 per year if no improvements made
  • Trump Palace, 200 East 69th Street
  • Estimated 2030 fine: $239,315 per year if no improvements made

Reducing emissions from buildings is a key strategy for implementing New York City’s ambitious Green New Deal and upholding the highest goals of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Meeting these goals will require ending our reliance on polluting fossil fuels and deep reductions in greenhouse gases across our building, transportation, and waste sectors. By putting into action a bold vision that meets the challenges of climate change and inequality, New York City is demonstrating what the Green New Deal looks like in practice.

New York City’s Green New Deal attacks global warming on all fronts. It is comprised of $14 billion in new and committed investments, legislation and concrete action at the City level that will ensure a nearly 30 percent additional reduction in emissions by 2030. In addition to the building mandates legislation, it includes other initiatives to reduce emissions, a plan to switch city government operations to clean electricity, banning new inefficient glass buildings, and committing the city to carbon neutrality by 2050.

Over many decades of study, scientists have reached an overwhelming consensus that climate change is occurring now and is caused by human activities. Extreme weather events, which are growing in frequency and severity around the world, demonstrate the consequences of a warming planet and the risks associated with climate denial. In New York City, Hurricane Sandy resulted in the deaths of 44 New Yorkers and caused $19 billion in damages and lost economic activity. Projections show that a Sandy-like storm in the 2050s could cause $90 billion in damage and economic loss, nearly five times Sandy’s impact.

In New York City, buildings are responsible for nearly 70 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. Cleaning up the city’s largest buildings—and its largest polluters—will promote energy efficiency, electrification, and renewable energy while creating new, good-paying jobs for New Yorkers. It will also discourage continued reliance on polluting fossil fuels, cut down on harmful air pollution, and save building owners money over time by lowering operating expenses.

After being passed by the New York City Council on April 18, 2019, Intro 1253 will become law on May 17, 2019.

Reducing emissions from buildings is a key strategy for achieving New York City’s ambitious climate change goals of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and upholding the highest goals of the Paris Agreement.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Photos: In New York, Activists Protest Outside the Philippine Consulate, Denounce Conduct of Mid-Term Elections in the Philippines

About 75 demonstrators joined the rally in New York for the Malaya Movement's National Day of Action in the United States. Advocates and allies mobilized in front of the Philippine Center in Manhattan to demand accountability and transparency surrounding the conduct of the May 13 National Midterm Elections in the Philippines including incidents regarding Overseas Absentee Voting. The protest also called to defend human rights and democracy under the current Duterte administration.

May 17, 2019. Photos by Lambert Parong © 2019 Kababayan Media.

 May 17, 2019. Photos by Lambert Parong © 2019 Kababayan Media.

New Asian American Employee Survey Shows Lower Satisfaction

NEW YORK — Results from Asia Society’s 2019 Asian Corporate Survey, which examines the perceptions and lived realities of Asian Pacific American (APA) employees in the U.S. workplace, show a slight but steady decrease over the last two years in Asian and APA employee satisfaction with professional growth opportunities at their companies, while some companies have notably made progress in their workplace diversity practices and initiatives.

Published by Asia Society today, the Executive Summary from Asia Society’s tenth annual Asian Corporate Survey analyzes how APA employees in the United States evaluate the performance of their companies across five key dimensions: Diversity, Professional Growth, Employee Resource Groups, Workplace and Work-Life Insights, and Overall Satisfaction and Belonging.

More than 2,500 employees participated in the survey, which included over 500 non-APA employees in order to provide greater context for comparison and benchmarking in how they viewed their companies. Almost 70 percent of APA survey respondents identified themselves as first generation. Close to half of the respondents are in technical roles, while 3.4 percent are on the chief executive level.

Two main findings from this report:

Job Satisfaction

The decrease in job satisfaction, while not precipitous, is still notable as APA employee favorability was trending upwards prior to 2017 in the four-year study. Many APA respondents, in significant contrast to their non-APA counterparts, noted a shortage of company executives and directors from their cultural background and a lack of leadership development opportunities for them.

Sense of Belonging 

APA respondents also cited that they did not feel a strong sense of belonging in the workplace, sometimes due to differences between their personal upbringings and American work culture. For example, one APA survey respondent cited cultural differences in communication styles, noting“our traditional culture of being humble, reserved, and a team player when practiced in a professional setting tends to be misunderstood for being timid, quiet, and lacking in leadership.” 

The report also highlights employers who were previously announced as the winners in Asia Society’s 2019 Best Companies for Asian Pacific Americans for their noteworthy efforts in developing and promoting APA talent. Discover, named Overall Best Employer by Asia Society this year, for instance runs a company-wide Chinese dragon boat race to help educate their employees on its cultural significance. Goldman Sachs, also an award-winner this year, manages a “Presentation Skills Boot Camp” for their firm-wide Asian Professionals Network to help APA employees enhance their presentation skills.

The gender representation in this survey was approximately equal between women and men, with 0.1 percent identifying as transgender. Almost half of the respondents were Gen X (born between 1965-1981) which may explain the cultural mismatch, followed with millennials (born in 1982-2000), and baby boomers (born in 1946-1964). Almost 60 percent of them have been with their employer for more than five years.

About Asia Society 

Asia Society is the leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding of Asia in a global context and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions across the fields of arts, business, culture, education, and policy. Founded in 1956, Asia Society is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational institution based in New York with state-of-the-art cultural centers and gallery spaces in Hong Kong and Houston, and offices in Los Angeles, Manila, Mumbai, San Francisco, Seoul, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, Washington, D.C., and Zurich.

About Global Talent Initiatives 

Global Talent Initiatives (GTI) is a unique global resource/platform made up of intellectual capital on the latest trends and thought leadership impacting senior level, Fortune 500 human capital and talent leaders in corporate, civil and academic organizations for best talent development practices. The GTI Platform includes: Global Talent and Diversity Council (GTDC), made up of Chief Talent, HR and Diversity Officers of Fortune 500 companies, and advises Asia Society on how best to leverage its public voice in the area of global talent and diversity.

Friday, May 17, 2019

In Photos: Unity Iftar Celebration, Breaking of the Fast in NYC

The Philippine Consulate General, New York in cooperation with Kinding Sindaw Melayu Heritage in observance of the Holy month of Ramadan celebrated a 'Breaking of the Fast' or Iftar in New York with the theme 'Sharing the Religious and Cultural Significance of Ramadan and Eid El Fitr'.

Consul Ricarte B. Abejuela welcomed everyone to the Philippine Center. Mr. Sedic Ampanas talked about the religious and cultural significance of Ramadan and Eid El Fitr. At the Unity Iftar was Potri Ranka Manis founder of Kinding Sindaw who also welcomed guests, made sure everyone experienced that unique Filipino hospitality and was personally handing out some Dates. Catholic priest Rev. Fr. Roy Regaspi offered a prayer for peace and unity.

The Unity Iftar Celebration was also made possible by Mr. Asnodin & Dr. Johaira Lidasan Dianalan; Mr. Dan & Mrs. Bai Lani Kalifa Morales; Mr. Medhat & Mrs. Intesar Mohammed; Ms. Nurmini Lali; Bai Amina Abbas Tamano; La Liga Filipino of Columbia University and the Philippine American Organization of The City College of New York.

May 16, 2019. New York. Photos by Lambert Parong © 2019 Kababayan Media.

Potri Ranka Manis

Consul Ricarte B. Abejuela
Mr. Sedic Ampanas 
Rev. Fr. Roy Regaspi
Adhan: Call to Prayer

Iftar (Breaking of the Fast)

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Philippine Independence Parade in New York on June 2

Join the celebration. It's the 121st 🇵🇭 Philippine Independence Anniversary Commemoration. It will be the 29th Annual Parade in New York City.

Event schedule:

Philippine Center, 556 5th Ave.
Madison Ave. & 38th St.
12:00pm to 2:00pm
Madison Ave. 38th St. (moving south)
11:00am to 6:00pm
26th St between Madison Ave. & Park Ave.
2:00pm to 6:00PM
Madison Ave. & 25th St.

Please invite/tag your family and friends and join us for a fun parade, food, and concert at the cultural festival. It's a free outdoor event. See you there! 🇵🇭

With Special Guests by Neocolors Productions and Advertising Inc.
- Kim Chiu
- Sam Milby
- Bela Padilla


Philippine Airlines, Mirej Resort Hotel Clark, Aqua Planet, Fiona's Farm, Midori, Five Chris Catering, Fritzies Bakeshop, Grace/Carol Salvador Catering and Services, Liberty Coca-Cola Beverages, DJ Filipino Events, Saints Audio/Visual Services, Cagayan De Oro Misamis Oriental Association of New York Inc, Filipino Reporter, Asian Journal, The Filipino Express and Philippine Daily Mirror

Photo Credits:
Jeffrey Rilles, Traveling Morion

Monday, May 13, 2019

'PGrad 2.0' | 7th Annual Philippine Graduation in New York on June 8

A Project of the Philippine Consulate General in New York with the support of the Pilipino American Unity for Progress, Inc. (UniPro)

Sat, June 8, 2019
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EDT

Philippine Center New York
556 5th Avenue 
New York, NY 10036

A graduation ceremony honoring Filipino and Filipino-American graduates. Wear your toga or graduation attire and march with your fellow Pinoy graduates at the Philippine Center's Kalayaan Hall. Meet and connect with prospective mentors in your field, receive a PGrad 2019 medal, a Filipino diploma, and a Special Citation.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

President Duterte to Lanao del Sur’s troublemakers: Stop violent activities or else gov’t will respond harshly

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivers his speech during the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) miting de avance at the jampacked PhilSports Multi-Purpose Arena in Pasig City on May 11, 2019. ACE MORANDANTE/PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO

Dismayed by the reports of violence and harassment in Lanao del Sur, President Rodrigo Duterte said Saturday he might visit the province and deploy more troops if the situation does not improve prior to Monday’s election.

In his speech during the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) miting de avance in Pasig City, he said his government, the police, and the military remain neutral in the conduct of this month’s midterm elections.

“That’s the order of the day. Kaya ‘yung dito…ang gulo eh. Kaya sinasabi ko nga na baka lilipad ako doon…para pagsabihan lang,” he told the attendees of Saturday’s miting de avance.

Explaining his order to the security forces, President Duterte said candidates are limited to two security details who should come from the Philippine National Police (PNP).

Members of the Philippine Army and the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) cannot provide security and police officers posing as bodyguards are only allowed to carry pistols and not long firearms.

And if ever candidates’ convoy pass a checkpoint, he said he instructed the army and the police to neutralize those who will refuse to submit themselves to authorities while carrying high-powered rifles. The order is applicable to everyone all across the country.

Addressing the people in Lanao del Sur, particularly those sowing trouble, the President said they must stop their violent and coercive activities or else his government will respond harshly.

Those groups, he said, could disrupt the election on Monday through intimidation and plain terrorism.

“Pagka ganun…pagbalik ko diyan, magdala na ako ng maraming sundalo. You must remember that until now martial law exists in Mindanao. Do not force me. Do not force my hand to do something which you might not like and hate me for all time,” he warned.

Meanwhile, in his brief message to Filipinos who will flock to voting precincts on Monday, President Duterte said, “Now more than ever, the Filipino nation needs us to chart a course of its future. Let us not waste this chance to shape and secure the future of the Filipino now. Thank you at mabuhay ang PDP-Laban.”

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) expects more than 61 million Filipinos to vote for the 2019 midterm national and local elections.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Mayor de Blasio Unveils NYC Care Card, Details Progress Toward Launch of Guaranteed Health Care

Photo by New York City Hall Press Office

NEW YORK—Mayor Bill de Blasio unveiled the NYC Care card, the key to quality and affordable health care for hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who cannot afford or are ineligible for insurance. When NYC Care launches in the Bronx on August 1, residents will be able to use their NYC Care Card to receive their own doctor, get preventative screenings and tests, and connect to a 24/7 service to help make appointments.

An estimated 300,000 New Yorkers are currently ineligible for health insurance, including people who can’t afford insurance and undocumented immigrants, and will be able to enroll in NYC Care. The $100 million program – one of two major components of the City’s Guaranteed Care commitment – will be fully implemented across all five boroughs by the end of 2020, making it as easy as possible for New Yorkers to get the health care they need.

“In New York City, we know health care is a human right, which is why we're making that right a reality,” said Mayor de Blasio. “We’re on track to guarantee health care for every single New Yorker. Access to quality and affordable health care is one of the biggest burdens working people face. Now they won’t face it alone.”

“Today’s announcement affirms New York City’s commitment to ensure that every New Yorker has access to the health care they need – which of course includes mental health,” said First Lady Chirlane McCray. “When we fail to invest in wellness and prevention, we pay the price in dollars spent and lives damaged. New York is pioneering a better, more inclusive approach and will continue to lead the nation in providing behavioral health services to every person in our city.”

Mayor de Blasio announced a series of milestones toward implementing Guaranteed Care in NYC:

  • New NYC Care Card, which will provide each member with a dedicated doctor, access to a 24/7 customer service line to make appointments, and clear copays that are affordable to each individual member.
  • New NYC Health + Hospitals doctors hired in the Bronx to serve approximately 10,000 patients expected to enroll in NYC Care in the first six months.
  • New Executive Director for NYC Care, Marielle Kress, who was instrumental in the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) successful expansion of Medicaid in states across the country.
  • Access to 24/7 pharmacy services in the Bronx, launching on August 1, that will provide NYC Care members with easy access to affordable medication.
  • GetGoveredNYC, the City’s health insurance outreach and enrollment initiative, has enrolled more than 19,000 New Yorkers into coverage in 2019, a 19 percent increase from the same time period last year.
  • GetCoveredNYC
  • GetCoveredNYC, the City’s health insurance outreach and enrollment program, has enrolled 19,942 New Yorkers in health care coverage from January through March 2019, more than half of the Mayor’s stated goal of enrolling 31,000 New Yorkers by July 2019. Since the Mayor signed Executive Order 40 Connecting New Yorkers to Health Insurance, GetCoveredNYC has collaborated with 34 City agencies on outreach and enrollment opportunities that make it easier for New Yorkers to determine their eligibility for coverage, especially outside of the annual Open Enrollment Period, and sign up for insurance.
  • Since its creation in 2016, GetCoveredNYC – which is overseen by the Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit – has now helped more than 160,000 New Yorkers enroll in the New York State’s ACA health insurance marketplace. About 2.5 million New York City residents are now insured through the state’s insurance marketplace as of January 2019, according to the New York State Department of Health’s county-level data on health insurance enrollment.
  • MetroPlus, the City’s Public Option
  • MetroPlus today also launched its latest public awareness campaign, “Health Care is Your Right. Not a Privilege.” The campaign will be seen through the end of June on subway cars, bus shelters near NYC/Health + Hospitals locations, ethnic and community-based print media, and featured at other venues across New York City, including Brooklyn Cyclones games. The ads will be available in eight languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Haitian Creole, Polish and Russian.
  • MetroPlus provides affordable health insurance that connects insurance-eligible New Yorkers to a network of providers that includes NYC Health + Hospitals’ 70 patient care sites, including 11 hospitals. MetroPlus serves as an affordable, quality option for people on Medicaid, Medicare, and those purchasing insurance on the exchange.
  • Eligibility Determination: NYC Care will be open to anyone who has lived in New York City for six months or longer and does not have an affordable insurance option or who is ineligible for insurance.
  • New 24/7 customer assistance operation: Starting August 1, NYC Care members will have access to a 24/7 customer assistance line where they ask questions about NYC Care and speak to an on-call clinician for all of their needs, including prescription refills. Members will also be able to schedule appointments at convenient times and will have assistance to help navigate members through the NYC Health + Hospitals system.
  • Expanded pharmacy hours: NYC Care patients will have 24/7 access to medications in the Bronx starting Aug. 1. This includes expanded hours at all NYC Health + Hospital pharmacy locations in (NYC Health + Hospitals/Jacobi, NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, and NYC Health + Hospitals/North Central Bronx). Until now, uninsured patients have been limited to NYC Health + Hospital pharmacy access during business hours, which makes it challenging for patients to get their medications if they are at work.
  • Outreach with Community-based Organizations: To reach eligible New Yorkers, NYC Health + Hospitals is partnering with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City. The health system will invest $450,000 to partner with community-based organizations in the Bronx to reach New Yorkers eligible to participate in NYC Care. This money will fund up to 15 full-time outreach workers, or the part time equivalent, who will conduct direct, grass-roots outreach to targeted population in a culturally appropriate and sensitive manner and make appointments with NYC Care enrollment staff.

“When I was appointed, one of my first tasks was to financially stabilize and transform NYC Health + Hospitals into a health care delivery system built for the 21st century landscape,” said Dr. Herminia Palacio, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services. “It’s upon the achievements of the last three years that we are now poised to lead the charge and make the Mayor’s vision of Guaranteed Care a reality for all New Yorkers. We are excited about the progress made towards preparing for the launch of NYC Care, and look forward to providing New Yorkers without access to health insurance a key the City’s health care.”

NYC Health + Hospitals is actively preparing for a successful launch of NYC Care in the Bronx this summer. NYC Health + Hospitals will hire seven doctors to serve the estimated 10,000 patients expected to enroll in NYC Care in the first six months. Since the program guarantees a dedicated primary care provider for all members, the new hires will help manage the expected increase in demand for services.

Additionally, the Mayor revealed the design for the NYC Care card. The blue and orange card features the city skyline as part of the NYC Care logo and the tagline “Your Key to the City’s Health Care.” All members will receive this card, which will be the key to providing members with valuable information about their dedicated doctor, a 24/7 customer assistance line where they can access an operator to help answer questions, and clear information about copays that are affordable to individual members. NYC Care’s logo “Your Key to The City’s Health Care” is a joint effort between City Hall and Area 23, an FCB Health Network company. This is the first project assigned by NYC’s Creative Council, recently formed to advise and provide the city with creative solutions. Susan Credle, FCB’s Global Chief Creative Officer, is a founding member of the council.