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Friday, May 17, 2019

In Photos: Unity Iftar Celebration, Breaking of the Fast in NYC

The Philippine Consulate General, New York in cooperation with Kinding Sindaw Melayu Heritage in observance of the Holy month of Ramadan celebrated a 'Breaking of the Fast' or Iftar in New York with the theme 'Sharing the Religious and Cultural Significance of Ramadan and Eid El Fitr'.

Consul Ricarte B. Abejuela welcomed everyone to the Philippine Center. Mr. Sedic Ampanas talked about the religious and cultural significance of Ramadan and Eid El Fitr. At the Unity Iftar was Potri Ranka Manis founder of Kinding Sindaw who also welcomed guests, made sure everyone experienced that unique Filipino hospitality and was personally handing out some Dates. Catholic priest Rev. Fr. Roy Regaspi offered a prayer for peace and unity.

The Unity Iftar Celebration was also made possible by Mr. Asnodin & Dr. Johaira Lidasan Dianalan; Mr. Dan & Mrs. Bai Lani Kalifa Morales; Mr. Medhat & Mrs. Intesar Mohammed; Ms. Nurmini Lali; Bai Amina Abbas Tamano; La Liga Filipino of Columbia University and the Philippine American Organization of The City College of New York.

May 16, 2019. New York. Photos by Lambert Parong © 2019 Kababayan Media.

Potri Ranka Manis

Consul Ricarte B. Abejuela
Mr. Sedic Ampanas 
Rev. Fr. Roy Regaspi
Adhan: Call to Prayer

Iftar (Breaking of the Fast)

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