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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Philippine Embassy in U.S. Hosts Blood Drive for National Civil Service Month

Embassy personnel and members of the DC community respond to the Red Cross’ immediate call for blood donors and donate blood at the Embassy’s Quezon Hall.

 – The Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. commemorated Philippine National Civil Service Month and this year’s U.S. Day of Service by hosting a blood drive at the Embassy. 

Embassy personnel, along with the District of Columbia community, respond to an immediate call from the American Red Cross for blood donors. Embassy personnel alternately took 30 minute breaks from providing frontline consular services to donate blood during the day. The Embassy also invited its consular clients to walk-in and join the blood drive.

Donors register and provide their medical histories to Red Cross personnel behind privacy screens.

“I am proud to have these dedicated personnel as part of my team here at the Embassy. They literally give their blood, sweat, and tears in service of the Filipino nation. Although  some of them feared needles and blood, they challenged and overcame that fear to help save lives.” said PH Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez.

Red Cross personnel help donors get settled and prepare for the blood donation.

Should you or anyone you know wish to help and serve the community by donating blood or by volunteering, please visit the American Red Cross website at for more details.The Embassy extends its appreciation to the volunteers of the Filipino Young Professionals D.C. for their time and shared commitment in ensuring a smooth blood drive.


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