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Friday, May 27, 2022

Podcast | Cherry Castellvi's 'Kabayan' is New York's Fastest Growing Filipino Restaurant | Mike of New York

Cherry Castellvi Kabayan is New York's #1 Filipino Restaurant

Mike of New York Podcast

By Mike K Cohen

Cherry Castellvi tells us how in a relatively short period of time how Kabayan is New York's Largest Filipino Restaurant chain growing from a place people come to for food and one of America's largest and richest cities and its most affluent suburbs have grown to love Filipino food and her brand's expansion to old rich New York and Long Island with plans to go even further. At present, she has more branches than Jolliefoods flagship fast food store and more food trucks in use than most other Philippine Food outlets.

A lot of this expansion happening as America has been dealing with COVID and the changes this has brought to the USA's economy.


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