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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Opinion: Washington Post and Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism Relive Bankruptcy, Plunder, Extravagance and Brutality of Marcos Years | By Manuel L. Caballero

Screenshot from the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism website




On the eve of the May 9 election in the PH, The Washington Post, one of the most respected in the world like the New York Times, ran a lengthy article written by Regine Cabato and Shibani Mehtani, titled "How the Philippines brutal history is being whitewashed for voters".

The Post wrote of Ferdinand Marcos, Sr. regime:

"It was a period that drove the country into debt, saw thousands of political enemies rounded up and tortured and prompted a mass “People Power” uprising in 1986 against the excesses and corruption of the Marcos family."

At the same time, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCiJ) put out a story about violations of human rights of many Filipinos, especially protesting students and political oppositionists during the Marcos years.  The stories of brutalities were believed to have been committed with Fabian Ver, the late infamous four-star general who was the closest military officer to Marcos. 

The PCIJ centered its story on a daughter of Ver named Wanna, now in her 40s and living in Europe with her family, who recognized the abusive human rights violations perpetrated during her father's time. Wamna feels apology and compensation are called for in light of the evidences showed to her by PCIJ and her own research. "I think even a million sorries will not be enough," Wanna said. 

Screenshot from The Washington Post website

These are damning historical facts against Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., a presidential candidate in the PH election who does not recognize what Wanna Ver recognized and apologized for even if she had nothing to do with the actions of her father. On the other hand, in an interview, Marcos told an interviewer on TV, "What am I to say sorry for?"

Marcos Jr. Is now seen by many in the Philippines as accomplice in the plunder of national treasury committed by his father because he is believed to be using in his campaign part of the stolen monies from  the Filipino people.

What's worse was Marcos Jr.'s attempt to rehabilitate the members of the Marcos family, including his own, by hiring a British re-branding company which has tried to revise the historical facts of Marcos years calling it "Golden Age." Truth of the matter was that the Philippines was bankrupted by Marcos.

Not all is well with Marcos Jr. poll campaign. The Filipino people are turned off by his political tactics, especially the failed attempt to revise history and replace it with a fabricated one. Likewise, his refusal to participate in presidential debates and interviews. Thus, the voters do not know what he stands for. Why should they vote for him?

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