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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Photos | Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Birthday Celebration - New York Edition

Supporters of PH presidential candidate, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and VP candidate, Senator Alan Cayetano, hosted a birthday celebration for Davao City Mayor Duterte in Woodside, Queens, this past Easter Sunday at Payag Filipino restaurant. It was organized by members of the volunteer group NYC 4 Duterte-Cayetano 2016. March 27, 2016. New York.

Photos by Lambert Parong for Kababayan Media/ CC BY

Marj Banzon, Ethel Cantor Constantino & Noemi Caya

Joel Inocencio, Jasper Magbanua & Jocelyn Bebeth Cambaya

Miguel Braganza & Ethel Constantino

Rena Avendula

Sani Guillena

Joel Inocencio

Miguel Braganza & Ethel Constantino.

Bong Aralar & Ismael Jose.

Beaver Barril, Marj Banzon and fellow 'Duterte-Cayetano' supporters

Sani Guillena

Ismael Jose, Cesar Jose, Bong Aralar & Aris Aguirre, Brotherhood for Duterte.

Supporters of 'Duterte-Cayetano' at the birthday bash for Mayor Duterte in NYC


  1. Passionate East-Coast supporters of Duterte-Cayetano. After only few weeks of meeting and bonding for the love of their country, the group are now becoming solid, dedicated team of volunteers whose hope is push Duterte-Cayetano agenda >>> Para sa Tunay na Pagbabago. Thank you so much for covering this event and this post on your blog. God bless and more power to you!!!

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