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Monday, March 7, 2016

Media Blog | Photos: On the set of Makilala TV

'Filipinos in Queens, New York: Why We Matter' Episode | A Makilala TV Production Co-sponsored by UniPro. Episode recorded at the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) in Spanish Harlem. March 5, 2016. New York.

Photos by Lambert Parong for Kababayan Media/ CC BY

Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)
El Barrio Firehouse Community Center
175 East 104th Street
New York, NY 10029

Pre-production meeting

Karen Pangantihon on vocals and Luke Williams on the keyboard


Rachelle Ocampo, Host

Stephanie Chrispin, Vice President of Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro)

Randy Gonzales

Cristina DC Pastor, Host

Kirklyn Escondo, President - UniPro, during the Q&A

Myrna Santos, The Nursing Office

Lakhi Siap during the Q&A

Randy Gonzales, Attorney-at-law, NY/NJ

Bert Aguilera, President & CEO - FilAid Foundation Inc, during the Q&A

Stephanie Chrispin

Rachelle Ocampo

Vince & Talents of Vynz NY Entertainment promoting 'Ai'm Back!' - Ms. Ai Ai de las Alas Comedy Concert in NY

Victor Palmos

Rachelle, Karen, Desiree and Cristina

Filipino food courtesy of Vince Gesmundo

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