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Monday, January 11, 2016

Photos | Ken Kwek in NYC for US Theatrical Release of 'Unlucky Plaza' starring Epy Quizon.

Filmmaker Ken Kwek from Singapore was at the Cinema Village in Manhattan for the US theatrical run of his debut feature film 'Unlucky Plaza' starring Adrian Pang, Judee Tan and Filipino actor Epy Quizon.  Ms. Kim Dy-Liacco of Kaya Toast Pictures which produced the film was also in town to oversee the screenings and arranged a Q&A between the audience and Mr. Kwek, who wrote and directed the film. The night continued as friends joined the filmmakers at a nearby watering hole to celebrate. January 9, 2016.  New York.

Photos by Lambert Parong for Balitang New York.

Cinema Village in Manhattan. (Lambert Parong/ Kababayan Media)

Ken Kwek with friends and supporters outside the theater. (Lambert Parong/ Kababayan Media)

Post screening Q&A. (Lambert Parong/ Kababayan Media)

Charles, Ann, Vince, Ken, Kim, Rommel, Elton, Luis and Linette. (Lambert Parong/ Kababayan Media)

Ken Kwek, writer and director of 'Unlucky Plaza'. (Lambert Parong/ Kababayan Media)