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Friday, April 21, 2023

Opinion: Peoples's Initiative Against COMELEC's Apparent Anomalies in the Conduct of 2022 PH Election Gains More Supporters; U.P. Vanguard Members Issue Manifesto Against COMELEC By Manuel L. Caballero




The  people's initiative movement started by a group, now known as TNTrio, concerned Filipinos who want to correct what they believe as anomalous conduct of the May 9, 2022 PH elections, has been gaining supporters both  at home and abroad.

During a 4th Zoom conference last Saturday, the group leaders and its supporters discussed the following:

1. A former Australian senator who was a member of the International Observer Team during the 2022 election in the PH reiterated that her group observed a fraudulent election. She again expressed the belief that the sitting president and vice president of the PH were not legitimately elected. She cited massive vote-buying, suppression, and intimidation of voters.

2.  The other group leaders discussed the apparent anomalies by COMELEC. Issues discussed were:  

a) questionable increase in voter registration by 28% when the average increase in every past election was 3%.

b) the questionable and unbelievable 20 million votes released to the public by COMELEC during the first hour of tabulation; 

c) one way to avoid similar problems in future elections is to shift to a hybrid election system where counting of votes is done manually in the precinct prior to electronic canvassing and sending to COMELEC; 

d) impeachment proceedings will be filed shortly in Congress against all the COMELEC  Commissioners.

One of the group leaders, an IT specialist, called what happened in 2022 as "electronic dagdag-bawas".

The three other groups against COMELEC, which have the same aims as the TNTrio are: 

1) prayer group led by Fr. Robert Reyes, which is praying regularly in  front of the COMELEC building in Manila;

2) group called "Kabunyog" led by online commentator Atty. Enzo Recto;

3) 79 members of UP Vanguard.

The UP Vanguard group, led by retired Gen. Eliseo Rio, Jr., issued a manifesto calling on the Filipino people to launch a peaceful public protest against COMELEC.  I'm sharing their Manifesto in full:


We, the undersigned UP Vanguards for Truth and Transparency, together with other individuals and organizations, call for peaceful, public protests in support of the impeachment of the Commissioners of the Commission on Elections and for the abolition of the Smartmatic partnership in future elections.

The COMELEC has failed the Filipino people and the Constitution by violating its mandate to protect the sanctity of the ballot by being the center of election irregularities and outright violations of the provisions of the Election Code.

1. It has allowed people with criminal records to run for public office, at many levels, forsaking its mandate to ensure that candidates with good moral character occupy elective Government offices.

2. It surreptitiously printed tens of millions of ballots without independent supervision and observers in violation of procedures.

3. It changed the source codes of the voting machines and the allied electronic equipment without any supervision and without informing the independent observers.

4. It configured and inserted the SD cards that run the Vote Counting Machines (VCMs) without supervision and without foreknowledge of independent observers as to the programs and algorithms that went into the SD cards.

5. It conducted a fraudulent count of the votes using the combination of the altered source codes and the insertion of the unaudited SD cards.

As a result of the confluence of the above factors, and without thinking that knowledgeable and competent information technology professionals were watching every bit of information that was released by COMELEC, anomalous and highly irregular and improbable results were released to the public. In one instance, data released by none other than the COMELEC Chairman himself, contradicted the results from the reception logs that were provided by COMELEC. 

Perhaps with the foreknowledge that the justice system would eventually acquit them, they violated with impunity a Supreme Court order to provide the Transmission Logs within a Court prescribed deadline. They still have not formally complied with the order to submit the Logs as of  today.

We cannot allow a crooked COMELEC, NOW OR EVER, be the dictator of who will govern us, through their insidious machinations or through the Smartmatic machines banned even in its own country of origin. That is up to the Filipino voter who once trusted them to count our votes honestly and accurately.

We must make our voices heard now!


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