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Monday, April 17, 2023

Filipino Professor Highlights Philippine-American Heritage in Washington, D.C.

Professor Erwin Tiongson (left) presents a copy of his book to Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez (right)

– On 31 March 2023, Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez received a copy of Professor Erwin Tiongson’s recently published book entitled ‘Philippine-American Heritage in Washington, D.C.’ which features stories on major landmarks found in Washington, D.C. with some form of presence, influence, and/or historical ties between notable Filipinos and Americans.

During the meeting, the Ambassador emphasized to Professor Tiongson that “your work serves as a written reminder of the long people-to-people ties between the Filipino and American people. Moreso, to emphasize the fact that the Philippines had a deep impact and critical links to some of the most notable and influential names such as Generals Douglas MacArthur and John Pershing, Francis Burton Harrison, and President William Howard Taft.”

Meanwhile, Department of Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary of American Affairs Jose Victor Chan-Gonzaga, who formerly held the position of Consul General during his time in Washington D.C., said that “Erwin Tiongson’s book Filipinizes Washington, DC for all of us. It is an excellent narrative that colors the nation’s capital with shades of Filipino through the stories of events and personalities relating to Philippine art, culture, and history.”

The book started as a passion project by Professor Tiongson and his family under the title ‘Philippines on the Potomac DC’ (POPDC) initiative, where they find and record important sites, and artifacts that highlight the overlooked history and presence of Philippine heritage in D.C.. Professor Tiongson has also guided some of the Embassy’s high level guests on unique guided tours around Washington, D.C., while sharing relevant artifacts and historical records that his family has collected over the years.

Professor Erwin R. Tiongson is currently the Deputy Director of the Global Human Development (GHD) Program at Georgetown University. He also serves as Director of the GHD Certificate. He previously served as Professor in the Practice of International Affairs, Concentration Chair for International Development, and Deputy Director of the M.S. Foreign Service (MSFS) Program in the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS).


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