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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Filipino American Assemblymember Steven Raga Celebrates 100 Days in Office with Historic Legislative Achievements

– New York State Assemblymember Steven Raga recently completed his first 100 days in office, having made substantial progress through prime-sponsored and cosponsored legislation that addresses a diverse range of community needs and enhances the well-being of all New Yorkers.

In these initial 100 days, Assemblymember Raga has been the driving force behind three crucial pieces of legislation, one of which has been signed into law by New York State Governor Kathy Hochul:

  • A04016: Empowering residents of assisted living programs to access hospice services, thereby ensuring comprehensive end-of-life care (signed into law). 
  • A04453: Enhancing the transparency and accountability of government agencies in New York by addressing their ability to claim copyright protection.
  • A06512: Facilitating safety and coordination by providing notice to school districts and nonpublic schools in New York City of relevant construction projects.

Besides leading these legislative efforts, Assemblymember Raga has shown his dedication to a broad spectrum of issues by co-sponsoring more than 250 bills and over 50 resolutions. The legislation he supports encompasses various sectors, such as education, housing, healthcare, the environment, social justice, and economic development.

Assemblymember Raga stated, "I am honored by the progress we have achieved during my first 100 days in office. Collaborating with my colleagues and constituents, we are addressing urgent concerns and effecting meaningful change in the lives of New Yorkers. I eagerly anticipate building on this momentum and accomplishing even more in the months to come."

The accomplishments of Assemblymember Raga's first 100 days lay a robust foundation for ongoing success in serving the people of New York. Committed to heeding the voices of his constituents, Assemblymember Raga will continue advocating for policies that promote the well-being and prosperity of residents in Assembly District 30 and throughout the state.


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