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Thursday, April 28, 2022

UniTeam East Coast Thanksgiving Party and Cultural Presentation, May 7

UniTeam East Coast Thanksgiving Party and Cultural Presentation

May 7th (2 to 7pm)

Join our THANKSGIVING CELEBRATION at Our Lady of Mt Carmel (OLMC) at 85 Giles Ave Jersey City.


We inspire you to showcase your culture. It would be exciting if you could perform any group presentation (sing & dance) Curacha, Tinikling, Dayan2x etc


Venue. -$950.

Decoration- $200.

We are knocking your generous hearts to donate a minimum of $10. to defray our expenses

Any donations will be collected upon registration.


This is potluck so please coordinate with the food committee.


Feel free to wear BBM-SARA hoodies or shirts


Best Group Presentation 

Best in Attendance 

Best in Costume


Ilocano Association in America (IAA) 

UniTeam Official Poll-watchers


Jocelyn - (347) 387-3877

Susanne - (917) 497-0290

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