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Friday, April 29, 2022

Opinion: The Political Philosophy of VP Leni Robredo | By Manuel L. Caballero

VP Leni Robredo Facebook Page Photo




After almost six months of campaign speeches, debates and presidential interviews, VP Leni has clearly conveyed her political philosophy that makes Filipinos embrace her and her team.

In a nutshell, she believes in empowering the people both in policy decision making and policy implementation.


Unfortunately for the native country, the Filipino people, and for democracy, the other candidate, Bongbong Marcos, Jr., excused himself from the debates and presidential interviews, thus, failing to educate the people of what he stands for. Why should he be voted then?

Back to VP Robredo, in formal study of politics, her political philosophy can be classified as structural-functional approach in policy-making where policies are driven by the needs and demands of the people. To sum up, people empowerment.

In the latest interview by Rappler's Maria Ressa of VP Leni Robredo, the Vice President was asked how she would explain the huge attendance of people in her rallies that never happened in previous elections? The spark, Ressa said. With her usual humility, the VP said that hope and desire for change are the driving forces. That the people are fed up with trapo politics and she thought the people could have rallied under any leader who will advocate for real change.

Robredo refused to take credit. She always refer to the people. According to her, the people should feel that they are part of the solution.

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  1. The grassroots support for Leni Robredo shows that most Filipinos have faith in her ability to change the government, to benefit the people, not the officials. Nobody seems to be able to muster such hope for her efforts to lead the people out of the quagmire our politicians have left the country for generations. I hope she wins, and I will vote for her. I encourage my friends, relatives and clients to do the same.