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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Opinion | Ten Filipino Catholic Priests and a Nun Call for Critical and Prayerful Discernment in Selecting Candidates

Organizing Committee Members of the Pink Caravan on March 6 in Bergenfield, New Jersey.



In a video tape which became viral in social media Sunday, 10 Filipino Catholic priests and a nun challenged Filipino voters to discern in an intelligent and prayerful manner in selecting the candidates they will support and vote in the May 9 elections.

Citing the "unprecedented crisis" faced by Filipinos due to bad economy, health issues because of pandemic and destructions brought by typhoon Odette, a nun said many families are struggling between hope and despair.

One by one. the prelates laid down the premIses of their talks and cited guides,
without mentioning names, which candidates to reject and which to support.

The priests said the voters must reject candidates who:
1) have platforms of lies and historical distortions of Marcos' dictatorship and martial rule;
2) don't value justice;
3) engage in massive disinformation;
4) support EJK;
5) support China's aggression against the PH and those who reject the Hague ruling;
6) support the culture of impunity.

Concluding their talks, the priests said the candidates to support and vote on election day are:
1) those who do not have record of corruption;
2) those who have campetence in participatory government (democracy);
3) those who have shown transparency in public service;
4) those who have truly demonstrated love for the poor;
5) those who believe in moral gospel values.

Explaining their involvement in PH political affairs, some church people say it is a form of community engagement and spiritual formation in line with the Church social responsibilities.


The "Pink Caravan For LENI Robredo-KIKO Pangilinan" in Bergenfield NJ on March 6 is all set. Its organizing committee met Sunday and finalized the details of the much-anticipated activity in the borough where some 5,000 FilAms live and a FilAm, Atty. Arvin Amatorio, sits as its popular mayor.

The enthusiasm of the committee heads, Hector Fonacier and Flora Villanueva deserves praise. Equally enthusiastic committee members are Nida Gonzales-Chan, Manny Chan, Eduardo Dela Cruz, Amira Allahh, Jujo Conol, Yves Yves, Resy Dilag , Agnes Fonacier, Jessa Bonafe and Chris Phan. This columnist is also in the committee.

Confirmed speakers during the fellowship part of the Caravan are Atty. Loida Nicolas Lewis, co-founder of Global Filipinos For LENI and regarded as "Mother of Filipino-Americans in the US" because of her long-time involvement in FilAm and PH causes in this country .

Dr. Joyce Robredo also confirmed as speaker, according to Angelita Pena. She is sister-in-law of VP Leni, being sister of the late Sec. Jesse Robredo. VP daughter Jillian Robredo was also invited. She has not replied yet.

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