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Friday, February 18, 2022

BBM-Sarah Supporters Hold Caravan and Rally in Queens, New York

photo by Noli Pola

BBM-Sara Supporters Hold Caravan and Rally in Queens, New York

By Susan Viorge

New York  - Are you interested in attending a political rally in freezing weather? Yes, it's interesting how more than hundred supporters of former Senator Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio  of UniTeam collectively convened  in spite of the snow! It was held at Frank D. O’Connor Playground, Elmhurst, Queens in New York on Feb. 13th.


photo by Noli Pola

The Opening Salvo Parade and Assembly was organized by the UNITEAM BBM-SARA East Coast, USA. Die-hard movers/supporters  sporting UniTeam colors (red & green) traveled from New Jersey, Connecticut, Virginia and other states in the East Coast to join the folks in metropolitan New York. They braved the snow and the wind chills just to show their utmost support to their candidates. 


About 30 cars had joined the caravan along Woodside Ave, Roosevelt Ave and Broadway and went back to Frank D. O’Connor Playground for a short program, raffle draw while enjoying Filipino delicacies and snacks. The camaraderie and bizarre fellowship drew excitement  around the vicinity thus attracting passersby. Consequently, the  highlight of the event was the community singing of` “Bagong Lipunan'' which overwhelmed the crowd along with the  deafening chanting  of “Bongbong- Sara!

photo by Noli Pola

Mr. Rene Ballenas, Chairman of the Uniteam BBM-Sara East Coast gave emphasis on how members  deal with opponent’s supporters  no matter what political affiliation or colors they belong to. He reiterates that In Uniteam , the supporters must uplift the candidate’s advocacy , respond to the needs of the community, live with integrity then trust the Uniteam Candidates to bring hope for the Philippines aiming for a brighter future.

Lastly, the presence of the patriotic supporters served to propel the community to join the upcoming Big Event at Liberty Park, New Jersey on April 10, 2022.


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