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Friday, November 8, 2019

Photos: Faith, Hope & Love Concert for Nikki Auxilio featuring Kirby Asunto and Jared Martin

Faith, Hope & Love Concert for Leani 'Nikki' Auxilio featuring  Kirby Asunto and Jared Martin. Bernie Visto - Musical Director - Piano, with the special participation of Rianne Avendula and Dodjie Simon. October 25, 2019. Kalayaan Hall, Philippine Center. New York. Photos by Lambert Parong © 2019 Kababayan Media.

"Leani is currently battling cancer and other health issues with the strength and determination that would and should scare any illness away. For anyone who has met Leani, she has been an incredible force of imagination and community within the social justice and feminist circles— most recently, as the Co-Coordinator of the NY Chapter of AF3IRM. She has the gift of being an artist and illustrator & is probably one of the most talented, charming, and humble woman warriors in the city." - Olivia T. Canlas,  Co-organizer Leani 'Nikki' Auxillo Go Fund Me campaign. 

Donate to Nikki's Go Fund Me campaign here

Jared Martin, Kirby Asunto and Marivir Montebon Nikki's mother.

Berni Visto, Kirby Asunto and Jared Martin

Kirby and Rianne  Avendula

The Production Team with Marivir accepting a financial gift for Nikki from the community  

Nikki's mom Marivir expressing her gratitude to everyone supporting their journey.

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