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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Filipino Night with New York Knicks Caps Off Filipino American History Month

Filipinos in uproar as New York Knicks won 105-98 against Chicago Bulls during Filipino Night at MSG. (Photo by PCGNY)

New York – Around 800 Filipino and Filipino-Americans from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut went to the iconic Madison Square Garden to cheer for the New York Knicks as it took on Chicago Bulls on 28 October 2019 in a game billed as Filipino Night in celebration of Filipino American History Month.

Ms. Universe Catriona Gray joins the Fil-Am community during Filipino Night with the Knicks. (Photo courtesy of Esther Swan)

Members of the Staten Island Philippine American Group (Sipag New York), Queens Long Island Basketball, TOFA, Rise Hoops, and Xanders Basketball were among the Filipino community organizations present during the night. 2018 Ms. Universe Catriona Gray who got off the plane from Brazil went straight to MSG to join the enthusiastic Fil- Am community in the celebration.

Philippine Consulate NY staff and family post-game photo op. (Photo by PCG NY)

Philippine Consulate and Philippine Mission officers, staff and their family, also participated in several pre-game and post-game activities at the court to make the Filipino Night, celebrating Fil-Am History Month, a memorable experience.

Fil-Am kids stand in front of NY Knicks players during the National Anthem. (Photo by PCGNY)

Fifteen Fil-Am kids get to stand on the court in front of NY Knicks players during the National Anthem, which was sang by Fil-Am TOFA artists. Two junior basketball teams from Sipag NY and Rise Hoops were given the opportunity to play at the center court during halftime. Members of other Fil-Am organizations participated in the pre-game shoot around and post-game free throw. Some groups were given the chance to have their post-game-on-court photo.

TOFA artists sing the National Anthem during the Filipino Night with the Knicks. (Photo by PCGNY)

As the New York Knicks hit their first victory this early season, the estimated 800- contingent of Fil-Ams were in uproar, showcasing the Filipinos’ love and passion for basketball.
Second generation Fil-Am Jordan Paderon, an account executive at MSG and son of a retired Philippine diplomat, said that he has been working on this Filipino Night project for a couple of years now. After seeing that the NBA has now a roster of prominent Fil- Ams such as NBA player Jordan Clarkson and Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, the MSG management finally gave the project a go.

Messages & greetings to Philippine Consulate NY and other Fil-Am organizations displayed on GardenVision during halftime. (Photo by PCGNY)

The Philippine Consulate General in New York continues to engage the Fil-Am community, particularly the younger generations, through sports.

Another Filipino Heritage Night with the Brooklyn Nets is set to happen on 1 December 2019 at Barclays Center New York.

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