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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The Philippines Highlights 60 years of Peacekeeping Contribution at U.N. Session

Fifth Committee Expert of the Philippine Mission to the United Nations in New York, Ms. Marivil V. Valles, addresses the Fifth Committee during its 29th Plenary Session and expresses support for the work of peacekeeping missions. (Photo Credit: New York PM)

UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK – At the 29th plenary of the Fifth Committee’s opening resumed session for the 77th UNGA, the Philippines addressed the Committee on the agenda item on Administrative and Budgetary Aspects of Financing Peacekeeping Operations, highlighting 60 years of the country’s contribution to United Nations peacekeeping operations and the organization’s work on peace.

“The Philippines has been actively engaged in UN peacekeeping since 1963, deploying almost 15,000 Filipino peacekeepers to 21 peacekeeping operations (PKOs) and special political missions. We hope to continue this tradition,” said Fifth Committee Expert, Ms. Marivil V. Valles, of the Philippine Mission to the United Nations in New York. 

According to Ms. Valles, the Government of the Philippines is working towards enhancing its capabilities in support of future peacekeeping deployments. She said that with the current Administration’s guidance to revitalize the country’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations, the Philippines will continue to put a high priority in ensuring the safety of peacekeepers, who are operating against the backdrop of complex political and security situations, and for this reason, these peacekeeping missions should be accorded with adequate resources to address the peacekeepers’ needs that guarantee their safety and security.

Ms. Valles also stated that the Philippines will continue to prioritize the strengthening of accountability and system-wide efforts to ensure zero-tolerance policy on sexual exploitation and abuse in support of victims’ rights and dignity. 

Finally, on women, peace and security agenda, she said that the Philippines will remain committed to strengthening efforts to increase the meaningful participation of women in uniformed roles. 

“We support the call to integrate gender perspectives on all aspects of peacekeeping across command levels,” Expert Valles said.


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