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Friday, August 2, 2019

Filipino Americans Bagged Numerous Awards at the WCOPA 2019 | By Luis Pedron

Isabella Salangsang, Overall Division Champion Jr Dance; Grand Finals - Gold Medalist.

The Filipino Americans led by National Director for USA, Jeanette Marco garnered high points, medals and awards at the recently concluded World Championships of Performing Arts WCOPA held last July 12 to 21, 2019 at Long Beach, California. Venues were at Westin Hotel Long Beach and at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center.

The following are the participants and their respective awards: 

Arato Brothers (Finalist) 
GRAND CHAMPION (STAR) TROPHY: GRAND CHAMPION VOCALIST GROUP OF THE WORLD; OVERALL DIVISION PLAQUES for Instrumental (Open), Instrumental (Contemporary), Instrumental (Original), Vocal with Self Accompaniment (Rock); 6 GOLD MEDALS: Grand Finalist GOLD Medal, Instrumental (Open), Instrumental (Contemporary), Instrumental (Original), Vocal with Self Accompaniment (Rock), Vocal with SA (World); 3 Semi-Finalist SILVER MEDALLIONS
Vocals with Self-Accompaniment (Rock), Instrumental (Contemporary); 2 SILVER MEDALS: Vocals with Self-Accompaniment (Open) & Vocals with Self- Accompaniment (Original).

Shane Selloria (Finalist)
Jr Grand Champion of the World -Variety Act
Overall World Champion - Division Winner - Variety Act Gold Medalists- Variety Act
Silver Medalists - Acting TV
Silver Medalists- modeling Swim Wear
Semi- Finalists- Variety Act
Grand Finalist- Variety

Isabelle Salangsang (Finalist)
Overall Dance Division Recipient for 11-15 Years Old Jr DANCE Category Grand Championship Finalist
Semi Finalist
Gold (Ori Tahiti Dance) in Ethnic/Folk
Silver (Kahiko / Ancient Hula) in Song and Dance Bronze (Aparima) in Open Category
Artemio John Tecson (Semi Finalist)
Vocal A25-29 -Semi-finalist Gold Broadway Gold Open Silver RnB Gold Variety Silver World
Denise Kara Almario (Semi Finalist)
GOLD, BRONZE and Overall CHAMPION OF THE WORLD & Semi Finalist Medal
GOLD - VOCAL Self Accompaniment Original works
Lirazen Rose
Vocal with Accompaniment Silver Open
Gold Original Works
Silver Pop
Silver Rnb
Gold World (original Tagalog song)
Overall Champion
• Vocal with Accompaniment - Original Works
Pia Pascual
Silver Pop Vocal Age 30-over
Paz Herrero
Gold County Music Vocal
Plaque - Overall Division Champion 
Maurice Flores
Bronze Dance Hip-Hop/Funk
Silver Dance Contemporary
Silver Modeling Commercial Formal Silver Modeling Commercial Casual

WCOPA National Director Jeanette Marco, beems of pride for her team, "I am very proud and blessed of this year’s delegation. We manage to bring 3 of our delegates to the majestic stage of the Grand Finals and bagged 2 Jr World Champion trophies!

Everyone is equally talented and have shown the entire world their best! We are grateful for the experience!

Next year as we celebrate our 24th Anniversary of this prestigious global event, and many exciting activities are being planned as we partner with Disney, we want everyone to come prepared to enjoy one of their most thrilling experiences of their lives.

History is being made! Always remember that you will receive from this International meet is exactly what you put in! The main objective in attending this event should be the competition,training, experience, education, and the opportunity to explore your talents! See you in 2020!"

Griff O'Neil CEO of WCOPA states that " the best of the best talent and models from all over the world gathered to experience this life changing priceless journey. Contestants can be signed to entertainment deals in Hollywood."

Gwen Wilson, President of WCOPA says " Our wish for you is you will embrace your dreams, focus on your future and learn how to strategically plan your successes.

The WCOPA contestants performed 1 minute renditions of their particular field may it be Vocals, Modelling, Acting, Instrumentalist or Variety Act for the first step of the competition, then if you are blessed enough you move on to Semi Finals held at Centennial Hall Westin Hotel and then to the Grand WCOPA Finale at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. Amongst Jeanette's Filipino American team Artemio John Tecson (Vocals) and Denise Kara Almario (Vocals) reached the Semi Finals. The Arato Brothers (Band) and Shane Selloria (Variety Act) reached the Finals and won their respective Divisions (Awards listed above.) Both were approached after the show by the America's Got Talent Scout. Also part of the group and Finalist was Tahitian Dancer Isabelle Salangsang.

The Opening night event featured WCOPA 2018 alums Jennifer Cuneta and Sophia Bianca who wowed the thousands of delegates from around the world.

Jeanette Marco is also the WCOPA National Director for Japan , UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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