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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

#PiliPinas2016 | In New York Duterte and Robredo on Top of List for President and VP

New York Unofficial Results as of May 10, 2016 

President: Rodrigo Duterte - 4,971 votes

Vice-President: Leni Robredo - 4,471 votes

Consul General Mario de Leon Jr (standing) with poll clerks Charlie and Cherry at the vote counting

New York - The Philippine Consulate General in New York headed by consul general Mario Lopez de Leon Jr. recently completed the New York Overseas Absentee Voting for the 2016 National Elections in the Philippines. 

Unofficial results of votes counted by the Special Board of Election Inspectors headed by consul Kerwin Tate at the Philippine Consulate General in New York with a total of 27 precincts under its consular jurisdiction which includes Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont showed that candidates for president, Rodrigo Duterte received the most votes at 4,971 followed by Mar Roxas with 3,125 votes and at the top 3rd spot is Grace Poe with 991 votes.

The unofficial results also showed that candidates for vice-president Leni Robredo received the most votes at 4,471 followed by Alan Peter Cayetano with 2,594 votes and at the top 3rd spot is Bongbong Marcos with 2,205 votes.

Results of the vote counting at the precinct level in New York are displayed at the lobby of the Philippine Center and is available to the public for viewing.

Consul Kerwin Tate, acting as the chairman of the Special Board of Election Inspectors told Balitang New York that the New York Election Returns (ER) will now be handed over to the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC which acts as the Special Board of Canvassers which will tally all the votes from America which in turn will be sending the results to the COMELEC in the Philippines.

New York unofficial results source: New York poll watchers tally from election returns of the 27 precincts; New York poll watchers during the vote counting represented the Liberal Party, PDP-Laban and Aksyon Demokratiko/ Grace Poe. 

Report and Photos by Lambert Parong for Kababayan Media/ CC BY

Consul Kerwin Tate (seated wearing eyeglasses) with poll watchers and poll clerks during the vote counting

Jhett Tolentino for the Liberal Party

Florian Alerta for PDP Laban

Vice-consul Khrys Corpuz (standing 2nd from right) of the SBEI looks on as poll watchers Chris Hugo (seated) for Aksyon Demokratiko/ Grace Poe and Ismael Jose (standing) for PDP-Laban sign ER's 

Jhett Tolentino and Dr. Angie Cruz poll watching for the Liberal Party

2016 Vote Counting Machines in New York

Wendell Gaa of the Philippine Consulate posts an Election Return for public viewing

Consul Bong Carino (seated at right) of the SBEI in New York

Don Tagala for TFC/ Balitang America with Ethel Cantor Constantino of the volunteer group Eastcoast Duterte Cayetano (DuCayan's)

Consul Kerwin Tate of the Special Board of Election Inspectors, surveys the completed election returns of 27 precincts in New York

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