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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MTA News | Metro-North Service Alert

Because of Fire Dept activity at 118th St & Park Av, Metro-North service will remain suspended to and from Grand Central for the remainder of Tuesday night. Customers should transfer to the Subway to connect to Metro-North trains in the Bronx. For the New Haven Line, take the 2 Subway to 233 St for Metro-North's Woodlawn station. For the Harlem Line, take the 2 Subway to 241 St for Metro-North's Wakefield Station. For the Hudson Line, take the 4 Subway or D Subwayto 161st Street-Yankee Stadium for Metro-North's Yankees-E. 153rd Street Station, or the 1 Subway to 225 St-Marble Hill. NYC Transit is cross-honoring Metro-North tickets at Grand Central and those Bronx stations.

Please check for updates.

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