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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Amb. Lagdameo Addresses UN Security Council, Underlines the Need for Impactful and Transformative International Collaboration to Address Global Food Insecurity

UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK — Permanent Representative of the Philippines to the United Nations, Ambassador Antonio M. Lagdameo underlined the need for an impactful and transformative international collaboration to address global food insecurity, including in places where it is exacerbated due to conflicts, which is needed more than ever.

Speaking at the UN Security Council open debate on the “Maintenance of international peace and security: famine and conflict-induced global food insecurity” on 03 August 2023 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Ambassador Lagdameo echoed the pronouncement by President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. during the 77th session of the UN General Assembly last year that “food is not just a trade commodity nor is it just a livelihood. It is an existential imperative, and a moral one. It is the very basis of human security.”

“The Philippines has intensified its measures to help improve local food production and help agricultural sector to strengthen and quickly recover from the deterioration of the agricultural value chain. In our quest for long term food security, our methods are now more guided by science and the balance of nature, so that production is both sustainable and responsible, benefiting both this and future generations,” Ambassador Lagdameo emphasized.

Ambassador Lagdameo stated that the agricultural sector is one of the main drivers in the country’s push for growth. The Philippine Development Plan, the blueprint for the country’s development transformation, puts in place coherent strategic measures to hasten economic and social recovery towards inclusive and resilient development; and puts together measures to address the current energy and food crises in the context of a new system for energy, climate and nature.

The UN Security Council reiterated its commitment to address conflict-induced food insecurity in situations of armed conflict during the day-long open debate on the matter, in which 80 speakers voiced alarm and urged unity to address the growing scale of food insecurity and human suffering due to conflict and violence, and urged the Russian Federation to rejoin the Black Sea Grain Initiative.


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