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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

PHOTOS | Opening Night: 'Raised Pinay ' A Benefit Production to Raise Awareness for Roots of Health

'Raised Pinay', a community­ centered benefit production based on original stories & performances by an all­ Filipina cast to raise awareness for Roots of Health (Ugat Ng Kalusugan), a 501c3 non­profit organization providing free reproductive clinical and educational services to wom*n and girls in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The production is a major collaboration between Roots of Health, Pilipino American Unity for Progress (UniPro), NYU International Filipino Association (NYU IFA), The Journey of a Brown Girl, the Philippine Consulate General in New York, and Synergy Production & Marketing Inc. Kalayaan HallPhilippine Center. March 31, 2016. New York.

Photos by Lambert Parong for Kababayan Media/ CC BY

Back L-R: Karen Joy Pangantihon, Aurerose Piaña, Maria Rubio, Joanne Talingdan-Dolman, Consul General Mario de Leon Jr., Michelle Narvaez, Mylz Tolentino, Kristina Bustos Gigi Bio and Grace Bio. Middle L-R: Zarah Cabañas, Justine Fonte, Angelica Enaje, Krissy Reyes and Grace Labaguis. Front L-R: Twinkle Ferraren, Rachelle Ocampo and Janna Lynne Umipig.  

Raised Pinay directorJana Lynne 'JL' Umipig creator of The Journey of a Brown Girl.

Joanne Fe A. Talingdan-Dolman, ("Palpalagip" Reminders)

Maria Rubio, ('I was there in the Philippines')

Zarah Cabañas, ('The smiling warrior')

Justine Fonte, ('Scars for change' & Promises to Tatay') 

Raised Pinay producer Rachelle Peraz Ocampo, ('Regla').

Consul General Mario de Leon Jr., 'Father' to the Filipino community, here in the northeast, proud of his 'Raised Pinay' daughters, on opening night. 

Raised Pinay producer, Justine Ang Fonte.

A conversation with the audience after the performance turned out to be another highlight of the production.

JL Umipig creator of The Journey of a Brown Girl.

Jenjen Furer, rooting for Rachelle Peraz Ocampo, whom she treats like a daughter. In her blog GottaLoveMom she writes, Raised Pinay: Not your traditional production about Filipino women.

Justine Fonte

PJ Gubatina Policarpio, Grace and Gigi Bio, Cynthia Alberto of Weaving Hand 

Michelle Narvaez, Grace Labaguis, Mylz Tolentino, Mayette Ocampo and Connie Montoya.

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