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Friday, June 28, 2024

"Courage, Determination, and Bayanihan Spirit Define Us As a People" - Amb. Romualdez

Ambassador Jose Manuel G. Romualdez delivers a toast during the 126th Philippine Independence Day special reception for Filipino Community partners.

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Philippine Embassy proudly celebrated the 126th Philippine Independence Day with a reception specially organized for several Filipino community leaders and partners on 12 June 2024 at Philippine Embassy Chancery Annex, a historic and national landmark, located along Embassy Row in Washington, D.C. This significant event commemorated the country’s proclamation of independence from Spanish colonial rule on June 12, 1898.

Local vocal powerhouse Raina Chan performs a medley of Filipino songs and other pop culture numbers at the Philippine Embassy.

The reception was an evening filled with cultural pride, reflection, and unity. Distinguished guests, community leaders, and members of the Filipino community gathered to honor the rich heritage and achievements of the Philippines. The event featured a keynote address by Ambassador Jose Manuel G. Romualdez and video messages from Philippine President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr., and Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Enrique A. Manalo.

Ambassador Romualdez leads the singing of the Philippine National Anthem during the Philippine Embassy’s 126th Independence Day reception.

Ambassador Romualdez stated, “As we celebrate our independence, we are reminded of the courage, determination, and bayanihan spirit that define us as a people. We are inspired to continue their work in our own unique ways, always striving to uplift one another and our communities as we build a brighter future together.”

The community listens to President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.’s 126th Independence day video message.

He also expressed gratitude to the community leaders saying, “I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to YOU, the members of the Filipino community in the DMV and the Caribbean who are here tonight, for your unwavering support of the Embassy and its activities. May we be inspired to continue promoting unity, cultural pride, and active participation in shaping a better future for our communities both here and in our homeland.”

A special cultural performance by local Filipino-American vocalist, Ms. Raina Chan, featured Filipino music and pop culture. The Philippine Independence Day Reception was a memorable evening that honored the past, celebrated the present, and looked forward to a prosperous future.


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