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Monday, October 16, 2023

Opinion: Political Change in a Changing World By Manuel L Caballero




In a changing world with 3,000 emojis, 3 major social media platforms plus Google, TikTok and You Tube, political changes are likewise taking place. 

I define "political change" for the purpose of this issue as change in a country's form of government or leaders, or both at same time.

The glorious People Power Revolution of 1986 in the PH was a classic example of political change. Both leader (Ferdinand Marcos, Sr.) and government (from dictatorial back to democracy) were changed.

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas is aimed at changing both government and leaders in Gaza if the Israelis will prevail. Although, there is no clear strategy yet from the Israeli side as to what they will do in the event of victory. They merely want to get rid of Hamas.

In Ukraine, Mr. Putin's expressed aim is to annex Ukraine as part of Russia.

In Poland, there is a Party for Liberty and Justice that is aiming to capture the State by participating in elections and aim for their people to win in all positions in the 3 branches of government. Thus, capture the entire machinery of government.

But, it appears the opposition is winning over the populist party called Law and Justice in today's election.This latest political change strategy is called "state capture."

In the native Philippines, state capture was started by Rodrigo Duterte. It was followed by Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte by organizing keyboard army manned by paid trolls. The strategy was to spread fake stories, now known as disinformation. Apparently, the expensive strategy worked, like when Sara's father admittedly did the same in 2016.


As if a slap in the the face of ex-president Rodrigo Duterte, an avid  Communist  China supporter, and as a demonstration of the latter's irrelevance in PH foreign policy affairs that he once presided over, Pres. Bongbong Marcos, Jr. has revived a close relationship between the Philippines and the United States, especially in military and security affairs.

With US financial assistance under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), Mr. Marcos, Jr. has authorized improvements and expansion of nine PH military airfields and bases in light of China's aggressive behavior in the South China Sea.

The upgrades are being done to secure the PH's territory and sovereignty, especially in the West PH Sea. Furthermore, in anticipation of China's expressed desire to annex Taiwan by force, which, the US is committed to defend. 

All of the above will serve as deterrent to  China's ambitions. The move will also protect and preserve America's politico-economic interests in that part of the globe. It is simple investing and gaining something in return.


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