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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Opinion: Malaya Movement March/Rally in NYC Well-Attended; Sharing Some Flattering Reactions to 'On My Watch'; Sara's New Definition of "Confidential Fund" By Manuel L. Caballero




"On My Watch" covered and took photos of the well-attended, noisy but orderly march/rally of Malaya Movement USA in New York City last. Monday, Sept. 18. Other Filipino groups that supported Malaya were AnakBayan, Gabriela, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), The Upo Boys of NJ.

Among the PH-related issues brought up by the demonstrators were:

1. Fascism in the PH under the Marcos, Jr.-Sara Duterte  rule.

2. Human Rights Violations

3. Anti- Maharlika Investment Fund

4.Jollibee management firing of NJ employees asking for pay raise & other supposed Jollibee unfair labor practices

5. 2022 Election Rigging

The rallyists assembled in front of Jollibee store in Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. The rain did not dampen the enthusiasm of the mostly young demonstrators who came from  NY and NJ and nearby states.

For over an hour, the speakers from participating groups denounced Jollibee management in Northeast US for firing 9 of its employees in New Jersey last February who were simply asking for pay increases. A Filipina member of the striking Writers Guild of America also spoke. A case is currently pending with the National Labor Relations Board, which found merit to the complaint filed and reportedly ordered Jollibee to respond.


From Jollibee, the ralllyists marched to the PH Consulate Offices along 5th Avenue, around 10 blocks away escorted by an NYPD officer in plain clothes. There, the speakers aired their issues against the Marcos Jr- Sara Duterte tandem. Towards the end of the fiery speeches, the Filipino Consul General was seen hurriedly leaving the Consulate without stopping. 

From the Consulate, the demonstrators were supposed to proceed to the vicinity of the United Nations, which was opening its 2023 General Assembly Session. It may be recalled that last year, Pres. Bongbong Marcos, Jr. spoke in an empty UN Hall. Perhaps, that's one reason why he is a no show-up this year. The rally speakers were supposed to raise at the UN area human rights abuses currently practiced by the police and soldiers in the PH. Some 15 activists, journalists, community organizers have reportedly been killed or missing since Marcos, Jr. assumed the presidency. Due to heavy traffic of vehicles and people in the UN area, the rally organizers decided to conclude their demonstration at the Consulate.


I wish to thank our many FB friends who reacted and commented positively to our recent columns, especially on the 34th year of OMW, for their flattering comments.

One of them, my esteemed friend,  Law Prof. and former Jersey City Judge Victor Sison, wrote: Sir Manny. Anent. your On My Watch” I  refer  you to John Keats’ “ A thing of beauty lasts forever. Its loveliness increases. It will never pass into nothingness……”

Thank you again, Atty. Sison and to all our readers.


VP Sara Duterte gave a new meaning to "confidential/intelligence funds" or CIF. After she was grilled by Senator Risa Hontiveros and Rep. France Castro during last week's budget hearings in PH Congress as to why the OVP needs CIF, but could not give a convincing reply, the VP publicly said she had no respect for those two congressional officials.That's what the two got for asking justification for the hundreds of millions pesos from the taxpayers' monies, the OVP was asking for her 2024 budget. It may be recalled that former VP Leni Robredo finished her 6-year term, accomplished many, without CIF.

So, we now know the specialty of the current VP.


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